Reimagine Care Releases 2023 Consumer Research Report Findings

Reimagine Care
March 1, 2023

Patients with Cancer Report a Strong Preference to Receive Care in the Home and On-Demand Access to Oncology Care Teams

Nashville, TN -- Reimagine Care, whose mission is to provide affordable, accessible, home-centered cancer care, has released findings from its 2023 Consumer Research Report.

Reimagine Care was founded in response to the evolving needs and preferences of patients with cancer, who are increasingly seeking the ability to receive care at home due to its convenience and ease of access. 82% of patients with cancer want to receive care at home, and over 90% want on-demand access to an oncology expert, according to Reimagine Care’s 2023 Consumer Research Report. With Reimagine Care’s team of clinicians and integrated technologies, patients are able to receive round the clock support without having to leave the comforts of home.    

Specific highlights from our findings include:

“Home-based symptom management and virtual meetings following treatment has major advantages to follow-up office visits,” shares one patient. Through partnerships with health systems and oncology practices, patients have 24/7 access to Reimagine Care’s experienced oncology nurses and advanced practitioners via SMS text, phone, and video, as well as in-home care when appropriate. Reimagine Care’s Cancer Care at Home program has demonstrated a better overall treatment experience, strong clinical outcomes, and increased satisfaction for both patients and clinicians.  

“Every time I come home, I just feel like my recovery accelerates. The more you can be at home, the better for so many people,” another patient shares.

At Reimagine Care, we believe There’s No Care Like Home.

About Reimagine Care: Reimagine Care provides technology-enabled services to support health systems and independent practices in delivering high-quality, home-centered, value-based cancer care. The company’s Cancer Care at Home platform addresses the clinical, operational, and financial barriers in healthcare today that make it challenging for providers to make the transition to home-centered care. At the same time, Reimagine Care is improving the patient and caregiver experience, reducing the burden on oncologists and nurses, and increasing provider revenue through net new patients, optimizing capacity, and enabling participation in value-based contracts. Please visit to learn more.


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