Reimagine Care Chronicles: Empathy and Efficiency in the Digital World of Nursing

Amy Hillsman, MSN, ANP-BC
August 30, 2023

The nursing field has undergone a remarkable transformation since its creation by Florence Nightingale. Virtual nursing, once a distant concept, has emerged as a tangible reality, promising to revolutionize the way we deliver and receive care. The pursuit of enhanced healthcare experiences has never wavered, and as technological innovations are available at our fingertips, a new course is being charted for compassionate, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare.  

Virtual nursing transcends the confines of brick-and-mortar hospitals and clinics and overcomes geographical limitations. Clinic wait times are avoided, visits do not feel rushed, and they can take place in the comfort of the patient’s personal space instead of in a sterile exam room. Further, appointment times are more varied so that patients can schedule with their care team after work hours, on nights or weekends, or during work breaks. There is also a greater reach to those with social disparities, alleviating the need for access to transportation, time off from work, coordination of childcare, and financial means to pay for gas, parking fees, and tolls.  

The heart of nursing lies in empathy, active listening, understanding, and problem solving. With virtual nursing, these qualities remain the focus while also being able to provide a wider array of services directly to the patient at home. The ability for remote assessment and intervention for patients with health conditions, including chronic diseases, like cancer, leads to a decrease in out-of-pocket costs for patients, a decrease in urgent care or emergency department visits, and improved quality of life. In this way, the benefits of virtual nursing positively impact both patients and nursing staff.  

The journey to fully utilizing the potential of virtual nursing is not without challenges. Adapting to the idea of new technology and redefining the art of digital empathy requires commitment and innovation. These challenges are outweighed by the promise of an enhanced patient experience and strong clinical outcomes. Virtual nursing is not about replacing the human touch, but rather redefining it. By harnessing the power of digital patient engagement, wearable biometric monitoring devices, and innovative technological health platforms, virtual nurses are quickly able to gather comprehensive insights into a patient’s health and deliver the right care at the right time. Virtual nursing transforms reactive care into proactive guidance, promoting preventative measures and lifestyle modifications.  

As with Reimagine Care, we are not a replacement for a patient’s care team. Rather, we are an extension of that care team. Patient access and outcomes improve with this collaborative model. Through our Virtual Care Center, nurses seamlessly connect with patients around the clock, provide timely triaging, and offer expert guidance. Our Virtual Care Center nurses and advanced practice providers have direct access to the patient’s physician to provide up to the minute updates on the patient’s health status and progress. Our mission drives us to provide patient-centric care that not only mirrors the in-person patient experience but goes beyond it. We are at the forefront of this digital revolution. We offer an enhanced healthcare experience, driven by empathy, efficiency, and innovation. The future of virtual nursing has called us to reimagine care.  

About Amy Hillsman, MSN, ANP-BC:   Amy Hillsman is the Senior Director for the Virtual Care Center for Reimagine Care and is a nurse practitioner. She graduated with a BSN from the University of Alabama, Huntsville and an MSN from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She has twenty years of oncology experience working across community, academic, and research medical centers. At Reimagine Care, a tech-enabled clinical service company that provides coordinated cancer care via a virtual care platform, she oversees the team of nurses and advanced practice providers.

About Reimagine Care: We believe people living with cancer deserve a better patient experience; to feel their best and to spend as much time as possible with the people they love, doing the things that bring them joy. Reimagine Care integrates clinical oncology experts and robust, enabling technologies to deliver a high-touch, individualized cancer treatment and recovery experience from home. This holistic approach relies on the combination of empathy and knowledge of our clinical care team with our thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use platform. Our vision and our approach fuel the delivery of high-quality, safe, home-centered, coordinated cancer care that makes care more patient-centric, accessible, affordable, and the first choice for patients everywhere.  

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