Get to know Reimagine Care’s CEO, Dan Nardi

Reimagine Care
August 1, 2023

On July 5, 2023, Reimagine Care welcomed our new CEO, Dan Nardi, to the organization. Dan brings incredible operational and product experience and is a proven leader in the healthcare industry. Previously Chief Operating Officer at Carrum Health and Vice President of Operations at Livongo, Dan joins Reimagine Care’s executive leadership team at a time of significant growth for the company.

Dan, welcome to the team and congratulations on the new role! How have your first few weeks been?

My initial onboarding has been awesome, all our talented team members have been extremely welcoming. In addition to getting to know the team I have also been focused on meeting our partners and clients to better understand how we are improving cancer care delivery together. With every conversation, I am more impressed with how passionate we are about bringing cancer care to the home and can see how deeply rooted in the culture it is. The opportunity for Reimagine Care is crystal clear and we will be focused on achieving strong clinical outcomes and delivering exceptional experiences for cancer patients and care teams around the country.

Tell us about your leadership philosophy and how you plan on implementing it within your new position at Reimagine Care.

There are many schools of thought when it comes to leadership and those have, thankfully, evolved as our society has evolved. I try to keep it simple and much of it starts with the quote by Lee Iacocca; “I hire people brighter than me and get out of their way.” One way that I have evolved that specific approach is that after you hire people, your job as a leader is to clear their roadblocks and ensure they have the right support and resources to be successful. I’ve always wanted to solve big problems with talented people, so as I’m building teams, I find individuals who are the right fit for the right role at the right time in the company’s growth. Then we work together to build a culture of trust, dedication, and urgency.

What initially drew you to Reimagine Care?

I truly enjoy this stage of a company; when you can take a meaningful vision and turn it into a reality. Over the past 10 years I’ve enjoyed two amazing experiences with two different companies, Livongo & Carrum Health, where we did just that – building phenomenal organizations that are solving real issues in the US healthcare system. As I evaluated the opportunity, I was focused on three primary criteria. First, is the company mission-driven, are they helping people at the point of healthcare? Second, is the culture strong and is it a talented team that wants to solve big problems together? And third, is the company well positioned for growth when compared to competition? The answer to all of these is a resounding YES, and that’s what really has me excited for this next adventure!

What do you believe is Reimagine Care’s greatest differentiator?

Reimagine Care’s proactive approach to empowering patients with care at home and on the go has produced a better overall treatment experience, strong clinical outcomes, and increased satisfaction for patients around the country. The Company is partnering with some of the best and most innovative healthcare systems, including University of Colorado, Memorial Hermann, and City of Hope, as well as independent oncology practices, like The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, to improve the patient experience and decrease the overall cost of care for cancer patients.

Why is “now” the right time for cancer care in the home?

The pandemic helped people (patients and providers) realize that virtual, at-home care is not only possible, but it is effective, faster, and less expensive. Building on that new awareness to create programs focused on cancer care outside of the traditional brick & mortar setting is the obvious next step. Mix in the momentum of Value Based Care and you have the best possible scenario to build these programs.

To end on a personal note, tell us a bit about you and what you like to do for fun!

I live in Chicago with my wife, Ami, son, Zavier, and our mini schnauzer, Yoshi. We are definitely busy with Zavier’s sports and activities, but between those we do try to travel when possible; whether it’s ski trips, beach trips, or Patriots games, we take advantage of being able to get to many places in the world on a single flight from our hometown. This summer I’m also training for my first triathlon, which has been a great way to focus my exercise routine on a specific goal.


About Reimagine Care: We believe people living with cancer deserve a better patient experience; to feel their best and to spend as much time as possible with the people they love, doing the things that bring them joy. Reimagine Care integrates clinical oncology experts and robust, enabling technologies to deliver a high-touch, individualized cancer treatment and recovery experience from home. This holistic approach relies on the combination of empathy and knowledge of real humans with our thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use platform. Our vision and our approach fuel the delivery of high-quality, safe, home-centered, coordinated cancer care that makes care more patient-centric, accessible, affordable, and the first choice for patients everywhere. To learn more, please visit  

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