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Technology advances and demographic shifts are creating increased competition among health systems and provider groups that provide cancer care. People with cancer and their families are seeking the best treatments and the best experiences.  

Increasingly they are seeking the flexibility and convenience they experience in the rest of their lives. Our Access Care Experience platform can accelerate your ability to deliver this option.

7 out of 10 Health Systems anticipate offering home-centered cancer care, most within the next 3 years.
Health Systems Leader Survey

A new site of care drives new savings.

In a time of intensifying competition, we can help accelerate delivery of home-centered cancer care with measurable impact to quality, cost and patient experience.Below is a quick overview of how it would work for your patients and clinicians.

Optimized treatment

  • Decrease ER visits
  • Reduce Inpatient Admissions
  • Triage Avoidable Readmissions
  • End of Life Care Management
  • Decrease Outpatient Services





Chemotherapy Costs

  • Site of Care Optimization
  • Use of Generics and Biosimilars
  • Formulary Management
  • Subsidized drug costs for clinical trial participants





For your patients, a transformed care experience…

Our coordinated and integrated solution backs up home-centered activities with a 24/7 virtual care center. And data and communication remain integrated to your existing Oncology care teams—a new tool at their disposal that retains their connection to the patient.

Below is a quick overview of how it would work for your patients and clinicians.

Doctor and patient.

Mr. Jones... 67 and is fighting metastatic prostate cancer. He receives Lupron sub-Q and Zometa IV every 3 months. His Oncologist-after discussion with Mr. & Mrs. Jones-decided that it was both safe and effective for Mr. Jones to receive treatment at home.

Doctor at desk reviewing documents.

But then...

...the next day the Advanced Practice Nurse in the Reimagine Care Virtual Care Center sees Mr. Jones's heart rate is elevated and that he reported headaches in his daily chat questionnaire.

She calls Mr. Jones immediately and says "I was just about to call you because I felt light-headed." Following care protocols established in partnership with his oncologist, the APN determines he can be most safely managed at home with hydration.

Nurse in home taking notes.

Two hours later...

...Joan, a home-health nurse shows up at the Jones' to deliver IV fluids. As a result, Mr. Jones avoids a trip to the emergency room. Joan documents the treatment, and her documentation is shared with the Advanced Practice Nurse as well as Dr. Smith, Mr. Jones' oncologist.

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