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Transform the Patient Experience While Improving Provider Wellbeing

Provide a differentiated treatment and recovery experience for patients and their caregivers while multiplying the efficiency of your clinical staff.

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Patients deserve better.

82% of patients with cancer want to receive care at home.

Reimagine Care provides the clinical expertise and enabling technologies to help health systems and oncology practices transition from facility-based care to a hybrid model in which patients are able to spend more time in the comofrts of home.

Increased time spent with family and friends
Enhanced comfort and convenience without leaving home
Improved care coordination across physical and virtual settings
Personalized care tailored to individual needs and preferences
Avoidance of long travel times, crowded waiting rooms
Reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections
Improve Provider Wellbeing

Reimagine Care is a Workforce Multiplier

Providing care at home will make an immediate impact on workforce, staffing, and capacity challenges while maximizing efficiency of existing programs.

Virtual Care Saves Nursing Time

Reimagine Care becomes primary point of contact for symptom issues 24/7, escalating only when necessary.

Digitally Enabled Care Increases Efficiency

Real-time identification and assessment of symptoms, driving staffing efficiencies beyond what’s possible in traditional model.

In Home Care Increases Capacity without Adding Staff

Reimagine Care optimizes in-clinic capacity and efficiency by reducing add on/unscheduled visits.

Provider Satisfaction Improves with Reimagine Care

8 out of 10 clinicians believe the Cancer Care at Home program adds value to their practice.

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