Payers & Employers

Offer the option to grow satisfaction, quality and savings.

Home-centered care is a lever for value.

A home-centered approach can deliver the value—best quality at lowest cost—that your plan members and sponsors are coming to expect from all types of specialty care.

All health payers will see the win-win from improved member satisfaction and reduced adverse events and duplicative spending. As we continue to move toward value-based care and contracting, these benefits show up as significant shared savings.

Self-funded Employers and their plan administrators will also appreciate that home-centered care permits employees significantly more freedom. They can stay connected to the rest of their lives as they contend with the challenges of cancer.

Improve the experience of members and employees.

Getting cancer treatment in today’s hospital-centered approach can add to the patient’s burden. These costs–in time, money and stress—are born entirely by the patient.

Hospital-centered care adds to the patient’s burden.

Home-centered care
solves that.

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