Extend your care beyond the walls of the clinic.

Through close collaboration with the existing care team, Reimagine Care provides round the clock support virtually and at home.

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Clinician Experience

Our Cancer Care at Home program is built to alleviate the most common burdens and frustrations faced by clinicians, while offering patients a differentiated and highly valuable experience.
Program Design

collaboration with existing oncology team increases comfort delivering care at home

Reimagine Care works closely with the patient's existing oncology team to design the clinical details of a partnership, including in-home treatments, care pathways, and escalation protocols.
Patient Enrollment

Automated enrollment helps increase adoption without increasing clinicians' workload

Patients who meet eligibility criteria will be enrolled in the Cancer Care at Home program, eliminating the burden on the clinical team to engage, educate, and enroll patients manually.
Care delivery

delivering care at home creates a better patient experience while enabling clinicians to practice at top of license

Reimagine Care supports patients with cancer by delivering a suite of clinical solutions tailored to the home, including treatments, 24/7 symptom management, medication management, and whole person support. These programs provide patients a differentiated experience, while significantly unburdening clinicians from frequent calls and administrative work.

real-time data management Ensures continuity of care across all sites of service

Reimagine Care documents and shares relevant clinical data collected in the home in real-time, ensuring the patient's oncology team has full visibility into the entire continuum of care.

Frequently asked questions

How qualified is your team? 

We employ a team of experienced oncology APPs and RNs who have deep expertise managing patients with cancer.

How do you ensure continuity of care? 

We document and share relevant clinical data with the patient's existing care team, and communicate proactively when needed according to pre-defined escalation protocols.

Am I handing over my patients to Reimagine Care? 

No, we act as an extension of the existing care team, following pre-defined treatment plans and escalation protocols that govern our partnership. Patients think of us as part of the health system or practice they already have a trusted relationship with.

What is the typical patient experience like? 

We deploy a hybrid treatment model, meaning patients will interact with our team virtually and in the home, and still maintain some visits in the hospital or clinic with their primary oncology team. In partnership with the patient's oncologist, we will deliver the right care in the home at the right time, including treatments and supportive care. Patients also have 24/7 access to our clinicians, who leverage SMS text, phone, and video to deliver a more proactive, holistic care experience.

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of clinicians express strong satisfaction with Reimagine Care's Cancer Care at Home program


of clinicians believe Reimagine Care effectively reduces the patient’s symptom burden


of clinicians are confident that Reimagine Care appropriately manages patients from home


of clinicians strongly agree that Reimagine Care helps improve productivity

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