Implement, activate and coordinate cancer care
at home.

Reimagine Care partners with health systems,
provider groups, payers and employers to accelerate
the shift to coordinated home-centered cancer care.

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The time is now.

Growing evidence shows home-centered cancer care improves outcomes and reduces costs.



Of cancer patients say they would prefer to receive chemotherapy and supportive therapies at home if possible.


Of the cost of chemotherapy and supportive therapies can be saved when delivered at home instead of in conventional inpatient settings.


Of ER visits and 40% of inpatient admissions for cancer patients are related to the effects of patients’ chemotherapy. Remote monitoring and coordination will avoid these events.


Of Healthcare system leaders in a 2021 survey see home-centered cancer care as driver of market share growth as patients and families come to understand and prefer.

How we reimagine care.

The entire care team—primary, specialty, acute and virtual—is coordinated and aligned with access to new streams of data and decision support—saving time, cost, and aggravation for patients and providers alike.

Doctor and patient.


  • Overall Care Management
  • Clinical Pathway Management
  • Expert Care Team
Man and woman smiling.


  • Remote Monitoring
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • Patient and Caregiver Education
Doctor at desk reviewing documents.


  • Alerts and Messaging
  • Clinical Pathway Management
  • Dynamic Decision Support


  • Scheduling and Logistics
  • Clinician-Generated Data
  • Clinical Documentation
Nurse in home taking notes.

The Value of Home

Technology-enabled, coordinated care drives operational efficiency, care plan adherence, seamless workflow and, ultimately, great experiences for both patients and providers.

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