There's No Care Like Home.

Reimagine Care is transforming the cancer treatment experience by delivering high quality care in the comforts of home.

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Cancer Care Needs a Cure

It's inconvenient.

24% of patients travel longer than 1 hour to receive care.

It's expensive.

The cost of cancer care is expected to reach $250B by 2050.

It's inequitable.

Specific disparities exist in current care delivery model.

It's taxing.

66% of oncologists report significant burnout due to overwork.

It's reactive.

31% of patients do not receive enough support to deal with side effects.

What We Offer

Doctor and patient.

Proactive Symptom Management

  • 24/7 chat, voice, video APP + RN access
  • AI-supported triaging & ePRO
  • In-home supportive care
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Medication Management

  • Oral medication management
  • Education and adherence support
Doctor at desk reviewing documents.

Whole Person Support

  • Digital distress screening
  • SDoH support

Treatment At Home

  • Hybrid treatment model
  • Phased implementation
  • Pre-defined cancer types
Nurse in home taking notes.
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About Us

Our Vision for the Future of
Cancer Care

We believe in a future where the walls of hospitals no longer limit the possibilities of care, and where the home becomes the preferred setting for patients to receive high quality, lower cost cancer care.

At Reimagine Care, we have built a first-of-its-kind Cancer Care at Home Platform that revolutionizes the delivery of care and empowers patients to remain in the safety and comfort of their own homes throughout their cancer journey.
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Comprehensive Program

By combining on-demand access to experienced oncology clinicians, robust enabling technologies, and in-home care, we're facilitating a better patient experience and strong clinical outcomes

at Home

Specially designed programs to safely deliver cancer treatment in the home.

Proactive Symptom Management

On-demand access to oncology APPs and RNs for virtual and in-home supportive care.


Medication reconciliation, support, and education for those on oral chemotherapies.

Whole Person

Digital distress screening and SDOH support to treat the whole person.

What patients are saying

Reimagine Care surveyed patients to understand areas of opportunity to improve their experience by delivering care at home.
of patients want on-demand access to their oncology care team.
of patients want to receive cancer care in their home.
of patients believe in-home care would offer more time with loved ones.


Improved patient experience + strong clinical outcomes


of patient symptoms resolved without requiring ED visit or hospitalization


of clinicians are satisfied with the
Cancer Care at Home Platform


of symptom issues are resolved independently by Reimagine Care

Partnering with Reimagine Care

Reimagine Care partners with academic and community health systems, independent oncology practices, and risk-bearing entities across the country. In addition to improving the experience, we help address staffing and capacity challenges, while differentiating our customers in market.


Multiply the efficiency of your clinical workforce with Reimagine Care's oncology team & tech-forward solution


Treat low acuity patients from home, increasing access in the clinic for more complex care


Delivering an innovative, first of its kind care model differentiates our customers from their competition

Partner with Reimagine Care


Health systems and oncology practices can accelerate the launch of home-centered programs.

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Clinical Leaders

Extend patient relationships and treatment plans into safe, effective home-centered experiences.

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Payers and Employers

Deliver high-quality, lower-cost care to members and employees in partnership with providers.

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Supporting Oncology Providers: Solutions for Alleviating Burnout and Multiplying Your Cancer Care Workforce Amid a Nationwide Staffing Shortage

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There's No Care Like Home.
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